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Writer's Block: Working hard for the money

If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?

Well, my cats are the two laziest cats in the world. My male cat, Sox, would probably do something where he can eat, since he loves to do that more than anything in the world. And Tabby, my female cat, would do something where she can sleep. But since there aren't really any jobs where you can do that, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have a job. Because that cat loves to sleep.

Zach/Adam One-Shot Prompts

Zach/Adam One-Shot Prompts

1.alcoholism2.body hatred3.bullying4.burns5.child abuse (sexual)
6.counseling / therapy7.depression8.drug addiction9.nervous breakdown10.scars
11.suicide attempt12.broken bones13.cuddling for warmth14.knife wounds15.eating disorder
16.nightmares17.orphans18.rape/recovery19.self-harm20.panic attacks

Music Sharing by Request (Songs)

Music Sharing by Request (Songs)
Request any song that you want!

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That's So Raven Season 1


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Comment if you take!

General- Heartbreak- Beat Me Up [EP]

Medium: General
Fandom: None
Subject: Heartbreak
Title: Beat Me Up
Notes: Well this guy hurt me (again) and these were the songs that I listened to mostly trying to get over it. We made up now, but I decided I should post this anyway. 7 Songs in all.


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I'm being admitted to the hospital tomorrow. I don't want to go. Easy as that.


Random Meme

This is a questionaire. Read it if you want to. Contains triggering themes.

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My Grandmother Saved My Life

My essay that I wrote for my english class on the time that my grandmother saved my life when I was going to kill myself.


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